Put Down The Cake

With an affinity for anything coated in chocolate, and a struggle to balance both my addiction/ambivalence to exercise, I started this blog to help inspire myself (and hopefully others) to put down the food and get moving. If we lose a few pounds along the way, and create some awesome sweat stains in the process, then the rest is, as they say... cake!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Midnight Snacks

How is it that I can go through a whole day counting out my calories, making sure I work out, and feeling good about what I eat, but the second the sun goes down I turn into this kid...

When the kids are in bed, and I know that no one (besides my hubby who joins me in the snacks because he knows better than to argue with me) is watching, I give in to my diabolical sweet tooth and wind up with chocolate, pie, or frosting all over the front of my shirt because i've eaten it "cookie monster" style, and then feel guilty for messing up all the hard effort to be good that I put in throughout the day. It's a vicious cycle.

I know the technical reason for this. There is something during the day that I'm not getting in my diet. I know what I should do (and will do). I have to add more veggies and protein. They are supposed to take away carb cravings and make you feel fuller. I should probably grab some carrots instead of cookies, and munch on broccoli instead of brownies. Don't get me wrong, a little dessert has it's place but this is getting ridiculous. I wouldn't let my kids eat this way, so I shouldn't either. Does anyone else get the munchies after dark?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


dashama yoga Pictures, Images and Photos

(You will never see me personally smiling like this during a stretch, unless I'm limbering up to go on an ice cream run)

After my first yoga class in over a year, I came to a harsh realization last night and this morning. Actually, a few of them.

(1). I am not flexible at all. While everyone else was in "the zone" with their bodies and stretching, I was shaking my head and wondering why my toes looked so far away, and why couldn't I touch them). I thought about just trying to fake it, but really you can't fake flexible during yoga.

(2). I chose the wrong shirt for yoga. I spent most of transition between poses tugging at my top to keep the "respectability factor" in check. It was awkward. Thats all that needs to be said. I need to go shopping if I am going to keep this up.

(3). I still laugh to myself when I hear people fart. I am mentally 12.
I'm not ashamed, however, because I became aware that I was not the only one who noticed AND found it humorous(but no one makes eye contact in yoga, or after a fart in a quiet room, so that's okay).

(4). I have almost no core strength. I realized that I use my legs for every workout I do. My upper body is pathetic. This I must change if I want to have any chance at having that six pack.

(5). When I woke this morning, and my feet hit the floor, I heard cracking and popping, and realized that it was coming from me! My body now is making the transition to "old". I'm like a car right before the warranty goes out. You know that it still has plenty of miles left, but you might want to start thinking about trading it in.

I will go back to yoga next week. It was not only good to come to some of these realizations so I can make some changes, but it was also good that I could spend a few quiet moments challenging myself.