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With an affinity for anything coated in chocolate, and a struggle to balance both my addiction/ambivalence to exercise, I started this blog to help inspire myself (and hopefully others) to put down the food and get moving. If we lose a few pounds along the way, and create some awesome sweat stains in the process, then the rest is, as they say... cake!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Class Workout Etiquette

I love fitness classes. Somebody else telling me what to do to get moving, so I don't have to motivate myself, and others watching me so I don't slack off. It's my "easy" and "go to" mode of finding fitness. As with all things though, there are obstacles that we have to overcome in order to have just the right fit for us. In order to help the fitness community, I would like to talk about my number one obstacle during fitness classes: other people.

Don't get me wrong. I know that without my fellow lungers, and jumpers, and dancers it would be just me, in a room, with a fitness instructor being yelled at for an hour. I have several women with whom I LOVE going to classes to see and sweat along side. Shout out to my Kati, Belinda, and Lisa, and Mom (yes, my mom works out with me, and it's awesome!). There are those other women though who might not know the silent fitness class code of conduct. Let's Discuss, shall we?

Wait, before i begin, let me say this.
No, I'm not the perfect workout idol. I'm sure when I really think I'm dancing up a storm, I look like a farm animal with an appendage caught in an electric fence, and when I stretch, I can't really stretch because I'm too worried about the person behind me looking at my rear end, so it ends up just me bending awkwardly and pulling at my pants every few seconds, but let's talk about you for a second.

1. Do not pop your gum in my ear for an hour. I don't care if you chew it quietly, just don't pop it at me. It's distracting.

2. If you must bring your phone into class, do not check it every five seconds. (also distracting). Whatever facebook notifications you have will still be there when we are done. You are a grown woman, not a teenage girl.

3. Rushing into the studio so that you can practically push someone out of a spot on the floor is not cool. I have seen mild mannered Kati go into "incredible hulk" mode after someone did this to her.

4. Confidence is good (unless it's not). I have been guilty of this, but you live and learn. If you know what you are doing, go for it, and be excited. If you think you know what you are doing, and your limbs are flying everywhere, someone could get hurt. Don't disfigure someone. It's not an audition for "So You Think You Can Dance".

5. A full face of makeup doesn't look the same coming out of class as it did coming in. That doesn't really affect me, but i thought you should know.

Okay, well I've layed out my case. I'm sure there are more, and believe me I'll post them when they come to me, but for now this is it.

Now go workout.

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  1. LOVE this! SO true! You hit it on the nose with this one! :)