Put Down The Cake

With an affinity for anything coated in chocolate, and a struggle to balance both my addiction/ambivalence to exercise, I started this blog to help inspire myself (and hopefully others) to put down the food and get moving. If we lose a few pounds along the way, and create some awesome sweat stains in the process, then the rest is, as they say... cake!

Monday, August 16, 2010


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Is there anything more frustrating for an athlete (I use that term to describe myself very loosely) when they want to work out, but are trying to rest an injury? For the past week or so, all I have been able to do is sit on my couch (with my bowl of Lucky Charms) and dream of getting up and working out. I have the motivation, but I also have a throbbing knee. I don't want to risk damage, or serious injury so I wait. I have found a few things to do to occupy my time, and take my mind off of the the sweat that is forming on my new double chin and not the sweat that I wish was flinging off of my brow.

1. Do the dishes. On a good workout week, i get the dishes in once or twice.My kitchen has sadly stayed clean.

2. Caught up on Judge Judy. P.S. She is still mean.

3. Folded Laundry. It has not been put away, but it's folded.

4. I have read 4 novels. I love to read, but come on. There is only so much bookworm inside of me.

5. I'm totally killing all my friends on "Words With Friends".

I would love to go the gym, but I know if I do, I will overwork and/or kill myself. it's just not cool.

I should get some results soon, and I hope to be back in action before the end of the week. In the meantime, I wonder what's on television...

Anyone else nursing an injury, and what do you do to kill the monotony of being a couch potato?

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  1. you should try swimming....low stress on the joints and a good workout ;)