Put Down The Cake

With an affinity for anything coated in chocolate, and a struggle to balance both my addiction/ambivalence to exercise, I started this blog to help inspire myself (and hopefully others) to put down the food and get moving. If we lose a few pounds along the way, and create some awesome sweat stains in the process, then the rest is, as they say... cake!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I need some fitness mojo. Life has me running around in circles. Between work, family, and facebook I just can't find the energy to continue my good workout regimen. I still want to work out, but I can also always think of something I should be doing instead (I hate you, laundry).

I need a fitness buddy. I need someone to come with me, kick my butt, and share my endorphine rush. I need someone to call me every stinking day and ask me what I'm doing to work out.

Here are some things that I am telling myself to keep the workout drought carnage to a minimum.

I will not get the Holiday bloat this year.
I will not eat my own weight in chocolate.
I will not bake away the winter blues.
I will find a way to workout even if I have to do squats while folding underwear.

Someone help me...

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